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  Murphy Bed Plans & Parts - A fold down Murphy bed will provide you with more living space in any room. Perfect for overnight guests. Our kits include a piston style lift system which makes it easy to raise or lower the bed. Patented Create A Bed system holds bed securely in the raised position where it is hidden in a decorative cabinet. Each Murphy bed plan and hardware parts package includes a comprehensive builders manual, How-To video, as well as the complete hardware package (except for miscellaneous wood screws for the cabinet). Please note that these plans are for the bed enclosure only. Choose from vertical or horizontal style- in Twin, Full, or Queen size.

Part # Description - (Plan & Parts Pkg)   Height  Width  Depth Projection    PKG
#4203 Horizontal Twin Murphy Bed  47-3/8"  79"  15-7/8"   43"    $286.49 pkg
#4204 Horizontal Full Murphy Bed  62-5/16"  79"  15-7/8"   58"    $286.49 pkg
#4205 Horizontal Queen Murphy Bed  68-5/16"  84"  15-7/8"   64"    $286.49 pkg
#4206 Vertical Twin Murphy Bed  82-1/16"  42-7/8"  15-7/8"   80"    $286.49 pkg
#4207 Vertical Full Murphy Bed  82-1/16"  57-7/8"  15-7/8"   80"    $286.49 pkg
#4208 Vertical Queen Murphy Bed  87-1/16"  63-7/8"  15-7/8"   84"    $286.49 pkg

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Murphy Bed

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